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Snapchat is a platform that has gained increasing popularity since its release. It has become one of the top downloaded social apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store among others. Very few lists of the top social media outlets are complete without the inclusion of the app in question. It has become a modern essential for many people in today’s world. With this in mind, it has managed to maintain popularity over the years despite a market ravaged by rapid change and a short attention span.

The app has demonstrated its ability to maintain public attention in the form of regular and consistent users. It has been shown that upwards of sixty percent of active users access the app daily. Snapchats meteoric rise to success has mainly been thanks to the rise in popularity among millennials and gen z. It has garnered even more traffic with the widespread phenomenon of “celebrities” using it to boost their social media presence.

Aside from this, Snapchat has positioned itself to keep users coming back for more, an essential part of being in the modern app development landscape. It has adapted with the times and found ways to increase daily engagement – something many apps have tried and failed to do before it. The app’s success may lie in how it operates. The platform boasts a number of features designed to increase a person’s daily usage online. One of these being the Snapchat streak which encourages users to be in constant communication with their peers to add to their “streak”.

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