PUBG Players Get Arrested for Playing the Viral Game

PUBG Players Get Arrested for Playing the Viral Game 1

The very famous game PUBG has been steadily rising to prominence as more players from all over the world are constantly drawn to the interesting game turning it into a phenomena. And in the upcoming days, the newest update of PUBG is going to be available for the gaming industry bringing about some new and uniquely reimagined features and gadgets.

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However, it seems that not all communities are happy with the steady rise of the PUBG game as some people and officials deem it to be useless and a waste of time! Following the dislike of the game in some communities, PUBG recently got legally banned making playing the game, weirdly enough, a criminal act. In Gujarat State, India, the battle royale game, PUBG, has become an illegal act that will lead to arresting the gamers. On March 6th, the game became officially illegal which led to the arrest of about 16 players who were caught playing PUBG.

By the start of March 2019, the officials in Gujarat stated that the PUBG game is legally banned at the Indian state of Gujarat, a decision that was met with furious and angered reactions as the game is played across India and the world without any legal prohibitions. Gujarat is the first Indian state to issue the banning order against the popular game. At the beginning, many people didn’t fully comprehend the extent of the legal ban, but as the police arrested 16 players of the game, the Gujarati community became aware of the seriousness of the PUBG ban.


Many people in India are, of course, infuriated by the PUBG ban that seems to be inappropriate taking in consideration the extreme notoriety and availability of the battle royale game. The new restriction on PUBG is upsetting many people and families who are now fully aware that any kid or teenager playing the game is going to be arrested. E-Sports are increasing through the newer generations hugely which makes the Gujarati banning decision quite out of proportion!

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According to officials in Gujarat, the PUBG game is not a healthy routine and is addictive and useless. Nevertheless, there are many other notorious gaming platforms – such as Fortnite – that didn’t receive any legal bans which makes the PUBG players wonder if the game is being specifically targeted or if other games are going to be banned in the near future! A PUBG Mobile official stated that it’s quite the surprise that the game is getting banned in local communities and cities without any profound evidence of its destructive elements. The game’s officials said that they’re going to exert their best effort to converse with the specified authorities in order to explain the game’s objectives and, hopefully, withdraw the legal ban on PUBG.

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