PUBG vs Fortnite: First Person Camera

PUBG vs Fortnite: First Person Camera 1

If you are like us the type of people who use VATS so much and fall out that you forget you can still shoot even if you are not using it you are not super comfortable with shooting a third person. It is visually busy you have to strain just that little bit harder to focus on your target and you don’t have the ease of iron sights you know the way that guns actually work to pick out your target and pull the trigger well, PUBG has got you covered unlike Fortnite which locks you into the same third-person camera angle for the entire game.

PUBG gives you the option to switch it to first-person and even offers first person only servers for players who prefer that up-close-and-personal shooter feel even if you are a fan of the third-person perspective.

If you really boil it down there’s a common thread to all of these reasons why PUBG is better and important and you can find it in the history of both games. PUBG was conceived as a battle royale game from the very beginning and everything his team has done has been with that in mind.

Everything from the map design to the weapons to even the method of parachuting into the battle zone at the start of the match was created from scratch to be exactly what PUBG is; a tense cutthroat deathmatch in a giant arena. Fortnite, by contrast, started off with a PvE mode that is currently behind a paywall, not the battle royale mode that has put it in the conversation alongside PUBG.

This has consequences for design even though to their credit epic has put a lot more effort into the battle royale mode in recent months rather than try and be two things and occasionally struggle with standing out.

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