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Download Showbox App Apk Official 1

Over the last two years, the unique Showbox app managed to achieve a palpable popularity as it became one of the audience’s favorite platforms for watching any movie or tv show. And due to its increasing popularity, the developers of Showbox are always keen on releasing regular updates of the platform in order to amp up the overall performance of it.

Showbox APK

Recently, the Showbox 5.28 APK update was unveiled and millions of the app’s customers were interested in seeing whether or not the connection bug got fixed – amongst other issues. Fortunately, the latest Showbox update does fix any connection-error bug and a good bundle of the app’s features got enhanced as well. The 5.28 update introduces renewed features, performance enhancements, bug fixes along with other bonuses that’ll make watching any movie or tv content more easy and fun.

Showbox Official

The total weight of the Showbox newest update is 23.06MB which isn’t a lot and the APK file is available on many online websites and stores to be instantly downloaded. Of course, one of the most outstanding characteristics of Showbox is that it’s totally free and open for everyone with no need for any sort subscription or fees.

Thankfully, the 5.28 APK update of Showbox repaired many unresponsive facets of the streaming app that the customers were annoyed by. Also, with the latest update, developers of Showbox fixed the floating button problem in order to make resuming the last watched video easier and simpler.

The previous Showbox version has been, unfortunately, suffering from a very slow loading process of the app which was due to some developmental issues; that’s why the Showbox 5.28 update brings about adjusted speed that’ll make the loading process more quick and time-saving. When it comes to streaming movies and tv shows via apps and streaming services, the developers of Showbox knew that slow loading of the app will infuriate the customer, so the latest Showbox performance enhancements brings efficient loading speed.


Additionally, many Showbox customers were complaining about the previous 5.27 version that didn’t allow them to download whatever they want; the 5.28 update responded to these complaints and any content can be downloaded easily now. As for language, the update flaunts a new feature that lets the user open any video automatically, with no need for the manual language selection process.


And if the user happens to be lacking an internet connection, he can resort to the new “Games” feature of Showbox that’ll entertain him whilst the connection is restored. The Showbox 5.28 update is indeed a spectacular one as a compensation gift in 2019 for the millions of the app’s worldwide fans.

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