TikTok Users’ Personal Data

TikTok Users' Personal Data 1

Since the relaunch of the viral short-videos app TikTok, the platform has been receiving loads of complaints and negative feedbacks due to the lack of any control over the published content and posts, and the exposure of children to some unethical and obscene behaviors. Recently, TikTok faced some extra problems that are only adding to its burden to purge and cleanse the musical platform of any unwanted posts and comments.

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The notorious video app has been accused, over the last few weeks, of collecting the personal and sensitive information of its millions of users without any legal consent and without clarifying the need for such an unauthorized act. The Chinese app is currently facing illegal data collection accusations in the US and its owners are demanded to clarify the situation.

The video-sharing app is particularly accused of spying on children under 13 years old and gathering information about them such as their email addresses, phone numbers and locations. tikResponding to these privacy breaching problems, the musical app agreed to pay nearly $6 million in a settlement with the FTC – Federal Trade Commission.

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The FTC stated that TikTok infringed children privacy by collecting data without any legal approval of the users. TikTok has more than 500 million users and if the allegations of illegal data collections prove to be 100% right, the platform will be facing ferocious backlash from innumerable parties. The FTC found out that TikTok is carrying out some illusive practices that include collection and exposure of the users’ data.

Despite the continuous, and condensed complaints TikTok received over the last months, the developers of the app still failed to provide any sufficient solution to any of the problems in hand. Families and parents demanded that any personal or sensitive information should be deleted, but TikTok didn’t respond immediately to these demands.

The musical app said that it’ll release some protection measures very soon in order to protect its worldwide users, and parents will be soon able to monitor their children’s behaviors on TikTok. The short-videos app did release a new strategy to prevent children under 13 years old from using the platform; TikTok deleted accounts belonging to underage users immediately in an attempt to prove its good will.

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However, the recent purging strategy seems to be insufficient and is carried out randomly, deleting accounts by mistake and infuriating innumerable users whilst doing so. As of yet, TikTok hasn’t fully clarified whether the unauthorized data collection processes have stopped or not!

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