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Fortnite for Android update 1

News about Fortnite for Android? There isn’t going to be any Happy Fortnite Battle Royale fans out there after hearing the latest news update about the Android release date.

It was originally thought that the Fortnite Android version was going to be released from May 16 to May the 18. This apparently was not the correct information as verified by Nick Chester the Epic Games representative who denied this this information was true and went on to ask where this information about the release date was actually coming from.

Apparently a fan had heard the rumour on a YouTube channel, but this cannot be verified as they watched the videos and there was no word said about it. Chester went on to explain that it was certain there was no release happening this week and is happy to share the information about its release when it arises.

Chester had already previously sent out warnings to fans that there was a phishing scam currently going on involving some Fortnite Android invites going on. There were however rumours of an Android release coming out after a few YouTube people claimed they had actually received invites to join the Fortnite Android Beta.

The scam invites had said that particular codes would be sent out within a 72-hour period which would have given may the 8th the release date for the mobile port for Fortnite. Chester went on to explain on twitter that these were just scams. He then said he was worried everyone that were getting themselves sucked into the scam as their information was being compromised once they received and went ahead with believing the information that was in the emails.

Chester explained if invites for Fortnite Android invites have been sent most likely they are a scam and to simply ignore them and delete them off your computer. Epic said that back in March the Android support will be coming within just a few months.

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With the comments from Epic and the speed of which their updates coming flowing out there could be a real possibility that there may be a launch for the support in June.

Such other reports have thought that Fortnite launch at the same time google releases their mobile update however nothing has been confirmed. Google has been showcasing their Android 9.0 operating system but are still yet to give information about its release date.             


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