Download Viber Messenger and its Latest Update

Download Viber Messenger and its Latest Update 1

Viber, who is owned by the Rakuten Company, recently announced that their enhanced measures for privacy are now a worldwide availability. The same measures were released in May 2018 to Viber users in Europe. The new settings feature a design that should make those between the ages of thirteen and sixteen much safer, by default. Anyone younger than thirteen years of age is not legally allowed to create an account using Viber.

With this new roll out, the data belonging to users in this age group will not able to be targeted, up to and including ads. Additionally, their location cannot be made available to any third party, nor can their images or their names be shown to any chatbots.

As an enforcement measure, Viber says to be on the lookout for a prompt that will be coming up in the next few days. This prompt will ask users to confirm how old they are as they activate these more dedicated settings for privacy for those in the aforementioned age range.

For all Viber users, there are now new tools that can be found on the Personal Data screen that allow them to get to know more concerning their own personal data on the app, as well as having better control over that information as well as the features they use.

Other features have been rolled out over the past few months as well. One of those, in case you missed it, is the new screen for chats. It has been designed to provide not only a beautiful chatting environment, but also an incredibly efficient chat experience as well. This new design is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Chat messages are now also sent and delivered faster than they ever have been before. You will actually be able to chat at a rate that averages twice what you are used to. The chat flow will automatically become more natural so your conversation can move almost as quickly as if you were talking face to face. This helps to alleviate the anxiety of texts that you might otherwise have thought went unseen or unanswered.

Icons for your message statuses will quickly alert you. One check mark means the message you wrote was sent. Two check marks mean that the message was delivered to the phone of your recipient. Three check marks mean that your message has been seen.


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