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Download Free Runtastic App Apk for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Among the recent updates that have been done by the developer include the ability to find and add friends directly to the Runtastic app and start to share what you have been accomplishing and what you aspire to accomplish.

Benefits and Features of the Runtastic App

  • Personal workout diary, graphs, and advanced statistics;
  • Ability to map workouts in real-time by the help of your device’s GPS as well as monitor your progress in exercises;
  • Provides for a platform where you can watch your workout in 3D with the Runtastic Earth View (You will also need a free Google Earth App to enjoy this feature);
  • Get your historic and detailed live mapping of your training sessions;
  • Find, browse, and create routes and still save them on your Android phone;
  • Get motivated by your peers by showing them where you are with the LIVE tracking feature;
  • Enjoy a dashboard configuration that is customizable with your preferred training statistics like recommendation for post-workout hydration, time, elevation gain, calories burned, heart rate, speed, pace, distance, and duration);
  • Get an overall and monthly metrics for elevation gain, heart rate, pace, distance, speed, calories burned, duration, and number of workouts;
  • Other features include ability to Geotag pictures, voice coach, sync your activities to Google Fit, share your sports activities on the social media, and make training goals among others.


Consider saving you workouts to and join the online fitness community. In this community you will be able to get further coaching, exercise data analysis, and even compare with your friends. These comparisons will keep you motivated while you are striving to achieve your cardio training, health goals, or fat burning. You will also get inspiration for fitness goals and coaching.



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