Download Dropbox App Apk Free for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone

Download Dropbox App Apk Free for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone 1

At one point or the other we have all lost important data that we had stored on our phones. Maybe your phone was stolen or it got damaged and there is no way of recovering that data. This is why it is important to create a backup of your data. Nowadays most people are turning to cloud servers to store their data as it is safer and more reliable and you can access it without necessarily using the same mobile device.

It was due to this need for cloud servers that Dropbox was developed. Dropbox is an application that was designed for phones that use Windows operating systems. Since it has not been around for long it means it can only work with the latest versions of Windows that is Windows 8 and 8.1. Since its release a few upgrades have been done to it.

The new version that was just released recently has made the application universal unlike the previous version which was not. This has been done to ensure that it is at a level that is acceptable to those who use Windows. In the new version a few visual changes have also been made to make it even catchier to look at. Previously the app did not adapt well to the screen size of most phones but all that has changed and it now adapts perfectly. Its developers have also added to its capabilities and now apart from photos, one can also upload files to it. Another feature that has also been introduced in this new version is that one can select the people in your contact list that you want to view a shared folder. The download speed has also been improved and the uploading of files has been simplified.

Using Dropbox one can now select multiple files to upload to the cloud. The new Dropbox also allows one to directly download files to their phones or SD card. One can also save files to Dropbox and view those files while using other applications. Finally the developers said that they had fixed some bug issues and hence improved performance but they did not provide further information about it.


Download Dropbox App Apk Free for iPhone

Download Dropbox App Apk Free for Android

Download Dropbox App Apk Free for Windows Phone

If you use a Windows phone and you have not installed Dropbox I would advise you to download it from Windows Store since if you ever lose your data it would be nice to know that you have backup stored somewhere in the Cloud.

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