Spotify Premium Free on Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone

Spotify Premium Free on Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone 1

This year, the worldwide audience is growing more interested in streaming services that provide huge amounts of content of music, tv shows and movies, and at the same time save time as the user will find every thing accumulated in one library.

Spotify Premium is indeed one of the most popular streaming services at the moment as it brings new music releases of albums and tracks to the subscriber in an easy and affordable way – the monthly subscription costs only $10. With the start of 2019, Spotify Premium promised the fans to introduce newer streaming features and offers that’ll make the streaming service more unique than others.

The last few weeks, however, witnessed the announcement of a partnership between Spotify and the most recent Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones. The announcement revealed that any Galaxy S10 smartphone will now be sporting a 6 months of Spotify Premium for free!

The latest Spotify Premium offer brings the streaming service together with one of the most talked about smartphones line of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S10 line. Purchasing any Galaxy S10 model will present the user with a full Spotify Premium experience without paying a cent for 6 months! All Spotify Premium members will find the offer with the pre-installed Spotify app on the Galaxy S10 devices.

The partnership between Spotify and Samsung Galaxy S10 is amongst many ones that Spotify is going to introduce this year; this March, the streaming app announced a partnering with the popular Hulu service available for all of the individual subscribers til June 2019. Officials at Spotify stated that the music-streaming app is pre-installed on millions of the new Samsung releases including the Galaxy S10 smartphones, the Galaxy A line and the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold – debuting in late April.

Moreover, the streaming service added that its app has been embedded with Samsung’s virtual assistant known as Bixby. The Samsung virtual assistant will make the streaming service more individualized by making recommendations for the user via the Bixby Home Screen.

A Samsung official commented on the partnering with Spotify Premium saying that the main goal is to deliver to the Samsung customer the best smartphone experience possible and with Spotify Premium on board, purchasing the newly launched Samsung products will be more unique and productive for both sides – the seller and buyer. So, buying the newest Samsung devices in 2019 will come hand in hand with millions of new and old musical albums and singles that are available for free via the Spotify Premium app.

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