Google PIXEL 4 Specifications

Google PIXEL 4 Specifications 1

There are massive updates from Google’s new handsets. These are major improvements, a package of wide upgrades including screens with 90Hz, a second rear camera and even a radar detector that enables gesture control, etc.

Is Google’s fourth Android phone dream charming? Here is what you should know.


Fortunately, with the easier refreshes that makes a faster and smoother display, Google has followed the lead of OnePlus and introduced 90Hz screens for Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Google defines it as ” Smooth Display.”

In reality, the refresh rate varies between 60Hz and 90Hz according to what you use the phone to save a battery life span in the process. The Pixel 4 has a 441-pixel FHD+ (1080p) display, and a 537ppi Pixel 4 XL bumps at a resolution of up to 6.3 in at QHD+ (1440p). Both are Gorilla Glass Glass 5 OLED screens.


The only device with an embedded radar system is Pixel 4, no doubt. Google’s radar Project Soli is down to a small mobile chip that allows a technology called Motion Sense.

Motion Sense could do some stuff. It can recognize, for instance, as you touch your mobile and trigger the secure face unlock system that leads to faster scanning. For instance, you may use the hand gestures over your device to mute alarms and to switch music tracks–and the Pixel 4 is clever enough to understand the background, so it doesn’t cause any response on every little move around the mobile.


Google went for the first time on a pixel with more than one back camera. The two versions of Pixel 4 have a pair of back cameras in the big, 11-like, iPhone square model with a regular lens.

A 16MP telephoto camera is attached to the 12,2MP main camera, which promises to deliver super-detailed zoom shots through an optical zoom and software wizard combination.

Further technology tricks like an upgraded Night Sight mode and a brilliant astrophotographic feature enabling you to photograph the stars with long exposures are also bundled with this camera set up. The Live HDR+ feature also allows for a change in brightness and shadows when you set up a shot.


You will encounter the Google Assistant across a variety of devices, however, on Google’s new Pixels it is certainly best. It’s extensively integrated into the operating system, for instance by providing super-speed connections with internet search commands.

They manage the requests using on-device and online systems and Titan M chip maintain protection for everything. Besides, the Pixel 4 still has the gripping hand of the Active Edge sides for quick access to the Google assistant.

There is also an application that allows you to search for a word in information in real-time.

On 24 October, the Google pixels 4 and 4 XL both will roll out and pre-orders are available. Pixel 4 starts at £ 669 for space of 64 GB, while pixel 4XL starts at £ 829 (64 GB). Both are solid price cuts from the Pixel 3 versions.

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