Are you tired of substandard Apps? Google now develop a way to remove them

Are you tired of substandard Apps? Google now develop a way to remove them 1

As we know that improving Android users experience is not only tweaking the Operating system but also raising the standard of Apps created by the developers and filtering out poorly made apps. However, for this reason, the Search engine Giant has now devised a new way to warn App developers whose standard are low.

This decision was made at the Google’s I/O conference, 2017 where the company is trying all means to improve the quality and the overall performance of android devices and by focusing on how to make the “Android O” operating system a better one. However, from the words of Google’s Project Manager, Fergus Hurley, He said: “The Company (Google) will look into more areas to improve the performance of the device, for now, this should not be taken with levity.”

To cut the long story short, the company has now decided to warn those developers whose app ranked below 25 percent in some selected qualities such as battery, stability, rendering metrics and so on.

Although, those who are current with the news from I/O may be familiar with the various criteria selected by Google to filter out poor apps but all the same they will be listed below for those who don’t know. Anyway, Google is only interested in six criteria for now. However, the six criteria were listed below

They are the percentage of users that:

– encounter slower frame rendering while using an app

– uses an app that keeps their android device awake for more than an hour

– uses app that repeatedly wakes their device for more than 10 times within an hour

– experience “application error” while using the app

– experience crash error

– noticed the app run slower than 60 frames per second.

These are the six criteria in which the company decided to use to define a poorly made app. Apparently, there are some devices which are faced with some technical limitation that makes them more inclined to this six criteria than the others. Notwithstanding, this rules will help improve the quality of app developed by the developers and therefore, it will help hype the user experience and improve the performance of the devices.

Although Google has never mentioned whether regular offenders apps will be removed from play store but What’s certain is that offenders will start seeing their apps rank going down. In other words, Apps that cannot make the minimum of 25 percent will start losing credibility.

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