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Bumble is a dating app focused primarily on serving women and approaching their specific needs. The app was designed with a spin on the classic style of dating apps. The goal is to put the power in the woman’s hands in that once a straight-het pair has been matched the woman is who is required to initiate the conversation.

This development was introduced as a way of encouraging women to take control of their dating preferences. The app will be able to prevent unwanted advances from men, a problem which has polluted other common dating apps of the same kind.

Because of its new and unique approach to dating, it is no surprise that the app has attracted many new users. These users range to every type of sexuality and work a bit differently for non-m/f relationships.

Bumble and its Explicit Problem

Anyone can use the app no matter their sexual preferences from straight to gay and everything in between. If a non-heterosexual couple makes a match, either party can initiate the messaging – this makes the platform more inclusive than it may have originally been intended for.

With the vastness of Bumble, as it’s one of the most popular online dating apps in the world, there has been a rise in issues on the platform that can hinder user experience. The company has been working tirelessly to fix some of these problems that individuals may experience. Keeping that in mind, it is a long process to work out what will be beneficial to both the users and the site.

One of these concerns has been the rise in explicit or inappropriate images. The term has followed many online dating platforms as it becomes a more common problem. To combat these unwarranted interactions, Bumble has introduced a new feature that will monitor images sent through private message on the site. Once the image has been flagged the receiving party can choose to view, ignore, or report the individual who sent the offending message. Bumble hopes that this will curb the increased issues and make it more user-friendly.

Bumble has set itself apart from competitors for its original and female-centered approach to online dating, a nice change in comparison to the male-focused strategies of the past. The app has continued to find ways to improve its user experience and their addressing of explicit photos in messages proves that to be true. While there is no doubt that the system isn’t perfect, the company’s addressing of the issue demonstrates their commitment to getting it right.

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