Moon Plus Reader is the Best App for Book Readers

Moon Plus Reader is the Best App for Book Readers 1

Moon plus reader is an app for book readers. If you’re like me and have problems using and understanding kindle, moon + is a healthy alternative created to help you out.

There several perks to using moon + reader first of it enables easy reading of up to five formats without an upgrade but its best used with mobi and epub.

Its light in size coming at less than 20mb on both android, iphone and windows. It’s also flexible giving you the ability to change features such as background color, margins, font sizes and library arrangement. Allowing you to add that personal feel to your reading experience.

The sweetest thing about the app is that it gives you three free books upon downloading. This gives you a good head start in your reading journey if you do not have books in your device.

It has a super easy to use shelf that is not only customizable but also makes it easier to access books on your device. You can directly download online to shelf or fish out books from your internal phone storage.

It makes the reading experience more enjoyable as it enables use of highlights, bookmarks and crossing out. Making you feel like your reading the traditional hardcover books with a bit of a modern twist.

Unlike other book readers Moon plus reader has the ability to use ivona. With invona Text to speech features it’s possible to read the book while driving or doing other activities a matter I and my friends find quite handy especially if you’re a busy bee with no time to sit and read.

Moon Plus reader also allows specification of default settings creating a situation where every single display is to your very own personal taste.So if you want the book double spaced instead of single spaced that can be done. If you want to use the volume up button for page up, that can be done. At the end of the day you could change every single little thing to be unique to yourself.

It gives percentage of how much of a book you have read and AutoSaves the book when you switch to another. This ensures you continue straight from where you left off. It also provides a recent reads enabling you to find books you were reading easily without much hustle.

So if you’re a book worm this is the app for you.

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