Telegram Messenger App provides an end-to-end encryption

Telegram Messenger App provides an end-to-end encryption 1

Since not very long, Telegram, amongst other messaging platforms which are popular for providing an end-to-end encryption and presenting a full and uncompromised messaging security system, has been banned or is facing such a decision by the authorities due to the inability to penetrate its fully secured chatting sessions by security departments.

The comprehensive security features that Telegram provides are frustrating the authorities who demand that a backdoor should be available in order to track down any suspicious or terrorist messaging sessions. However, despite the extreme popularity of Telegram in several communities, many security and defense departments have issued a banning against Telegram, and the decision was effectively carried out and the viral meassging app was banned is some countries – such as Iran and Russia.

Indeed, the governments’ boycott of the notorious app seems to truly bugging some of its 200 million users who got cut off from their preferred chatting platform that’s fully secured and grants unshakable privacy of personal information; yet, it’s reported that the loyal Telegram users, who happened to be residents in some of the Telegram-opposing countries, are hardworkingly searching and seeking other ways to reconnect to their favorite app.

Telegram is Still Used Despite the Ban

Obviously, many other chatting platforms, such as Facebook messenger and Facebook Lite, aren’t providing – or questionably providing – a full privacy of the user’s conversations, and that is why Telegram is the preferred socializing app at the moment. And in spite of the fact that Facebook has amended the WhatsApp privacy criterion quite along ago by equipping the messaging app with an end-to-end encryption that secludes the messages only to the two parties involved – sender and receiver, the fact that WhatsApp is associated with Facebook and both platforms share quite the same privacy policy, makes Telegram the number one secured messaging app available nowadays.

The founder of the Telegram app, Pavel Durov, made it crystal clear that the main goal of the initiation of the Telegram community was to protect the privacy of the users at all costs. Telegram developers are, reportedly, trying to find a way to crack down the messaging sessions of terrorists organizations and groups who are benefiting from the full privacy measures in order to carry out some hideous plots and attacks; unfortunately, there hasn’t been any palpable success to figure out how to stop such messaging sessions without cracking down the entire Telegram privacy system which is itself a nearly ‘mission impossible’.

So, until Telegram manages to convince the wide variety of security and defense officials with the benefits of the fully secured messages criteria the app is adopting, then many users are going to face hard times connecting via the app.

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