Download Life360 Family Locator App Apk Free for iPhone & Android

Download Life360 Family Locator App Apk Free for iPhone & Android 1

Download Free Life360 Family Locator for iPhone & Android. Life360 is the developer of mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The family locator is an app that helps in keeping families connected. These developers have acquired Chronos; this is an app that runs in the background of various mobile apps. These apps passively collect data from clients mobile so that highlights, trends, and connections between varying behaviors are recorded. The terms of the business were not made known. Chronos first launched its product at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012. It started with a simple time tracking app of the same name and design.

Life360 Family Locator was developed to satisfy the desires of its enthusiasts. It also catered to the needs and desires of people yearned for an easier way to collect data about activities like; duration spent at the workplace, time spent while asleep, commuting time and so forth. However, on advancement a later version that allowed users to track automatically goal congruence in various tasks. The greater achievements were witnessed on 2015/08/27 forty-five minutes to this flagship application, Chronos featured an application that automated alerts of friends whereabouts.

Besides, another app (beta) helps in spotting best places in the world as recommended by friends and experts. Also it features, a steeps+sleep app that focuses on tracking health-related activities. Tracking of the family daily commitments is the basic tenet under which Chronos technology is based. Its mission is also linked to contextual awareness and a passive collection of data to link close networks.  In achieving this, families will create and enjoy passive communications.

Chronos technology is widely used due to its impeccable alerting feature. Statistics has it that; the company’s active subscribers receive an average of over 160 alerts per month. Through the integration of a contextual awareness generator in the system, the life360 app emits smarter alerts. The app is customizable to allow such functions like reminders of various tasks. In addition to reminder function, the app informs its users about the next destination.

More importantly, the technology that Chronos is built was meant to be very efficient. This tech heavily involves the phone sensors, but it gently drains your battery. More so, the contextual engine gets smarter over time by learning from behaviors of its users. It’s more compelling to bring in the industry leading context and location technology. The original deal was a combination of both stock and cash. However, Cronos tech continues to run its standalone products till the integration of Chronos tech into the life360.


Download Life360 Family Locator App Apk for Android

Download Life360 Family Locator App Apk for iPhone

This app, therefore, guarantees greater insights on what the family has been doing throughout the day. It respects users privacy by offering flexible locations combined with automated location alert per check-in. It’s, therefore, creates a tool with excellent tracking and texting interfaces.

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