Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android & iPhone

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android & iPhone 1

There are currently some new updates for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Players will especially take notice of the Discovery Update, as it comes with quite a bit of new content as well as features that will keep the Android users happy.

The Marketplace is an in-game store for players to be able to purchase new content that becomes available from the Minecraft designers. Some of the items you might find for sale in the Marketplace are texture packs, skins and more. Items like these are put out so that the player’s gaming experience can be better. Developers are also offering a new currency for in-game use, also known as Minecraft Coin, and it can be used in the Marketplace as well. You can purchase this Minecraft Coin with real-world money.

Many Updates For Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Discovery Update means that you can explore the entire game world, find content that is brand new, and new items as well. Among these are puzzles, monsters, and maps you can learn to treasure hunt with in Woodlands Mansion. Llamas, which are also new, can now be used for carrying treasure, but there are some other new things you will soon notice. For instance there is concrete, concrete powder, Cartographer Villager, Exploration Maps, new game rules, glazed terracotta blocks, new achievements, mending and frost walking enchantments, skyrim mashup packs, dyeable beds that you can jump on and iron and gold tools that can be melted down and turned into nuggets.

There are also some Pocket Edition changes made that are meant to give you a better experience with the game. Changes in world generation will now allow structured that were pre-generated to produce structures in other places. Sunrise and sunset both occur in their right places. Maps have numbers assigned to them that allow you to recognize them easily. Entry maps that have compasses have been changed, and are now called Locator Maps. This will help to avoid a mix up with empty maps that do not have compasses. The color palette has been updated for carpet and wood block and the lead rope physics are improved. And finally, stained clay blocks are now called terracotta blocks.

As with all updates, there will be bugs that will need to be addressed in the Discovery Update. There is also a “Better Together” update that makes it possible for the iOS Minecraft to work with other platforms.


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