Telegram Messenger via a VPN in 2019

Telegram Messenger via a VPN in 2019 1

Despite the immense popularity and increasing functionality of the viral messenger Telegram, the instant-messaging app is always attacked by several parties and officials for its invulnerable security measures that don’t allow authorities to infiltrate the platform in case of emergency or need.

Telegram is currently blocked in several countries, including Russia, China and Iran, and the app is apparently going to be facing more restrictions and countermeasures in the upcoming days. Many users have complained about the ban on Telegram, supporting the stance of the founder of the app to grant the users comprehensive security features and full control of their messaging sessions.

The continuous refusal to create a backdoor to the Telegram chats has put the messenger in a critical condition as more authority officials are considering to enforce more restrictions on the viral messenger. Still, users of the app in countries where it’s banned have resorted to other ways in order to access and utilize the messenger as usual.

Using VPN – Virtual Private Networks – is a common solution to use the messenger in countries like China and Russia where Telegram Messenger is not officially permitted to be used. Users who are utilizing a VPN will be able to have an internet connection that isn’t monitored by the government, which will consequently enable them to access any blocked or banned website or app. Til date, there are still many users who are benefiting from Telegram via a VPN, in Russia for instance.

The uncooperating attitudes of many VPN services have indeed angered the officials who are now demanding that all VPNs should be forced to cooperate and stop any access to banned websites and apps. Officials stated that all VPN services should eliminate any access to Telegram and similar apps or websites in a matter of 30 days. However, many VPN services reported that users should be allowed to access any app or website as part of defending online freedom of choice and speech.

Telegram has been facing different types of restrictions on other communities as well. In India, many users noticed that the Telegram websites and pages are not accessible from some internet service providers. It’s isn’t confirmed as of yet whether Telegram is going to be facing an official ban in India or not. The secured messenger is nevertheless growing palpably this year with its platform gaining more than 3 million users in one day making many people wonder if the ban on the popular instant-messaging app is justifiable. The latest version of Telegram brings about more security features and an amped up overall performance to solidify the current rising status of the notorious messenger.

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