Best iPhone and Android Apps for Ai Augmented Reality Play

Best iPhone and Android Apps for Ai Augmented Reality Play 1

As you might already be aware, Apple is pushing forward with augmented reality in the iOS 11 and new phones. You do not need a brand new smartphone to try augmented reality though. There are several augmented reality apps that will stack images and more on top of your real pics, merging the two worlds together easily.

Most of the apps we are talking about are pretty simple, but they can give you a head’s up on what to expect from Apple’s new ARKit as well as Google’s ARCore.

Here are some of the best apps available to you right now to see what augmented reality can do for you.

Google Translate

This app has already been incredibly useful and can even give you a magical feeling as you translate certain things right on the spot. The results of Google Translate will even be more accurate if you take a photo straight from the app. Once you have the photo, you can select the text that is in question and then let Google work the magic. It makes the perfect travel companion when you are on an international trip.

Pokemon Go

If you have never tried this game, but have a soft spot for augmented reality, it is certainly worth a try. You will actually be sent out into your surroundings, in your city and your own neighborhood, on the search for virtual monsters. The real world you live in becomes the game’s own world map, and there are hundreds of monsters to be found.


If you are planning to get a tattoo, you can use Inkhunter to “try out” a digital tattoo before embarking on the real endeavor. Using this app, you can easily drop a digital tattoo onto your very own skin in real time to see how it will look first. You can even use designs you have come up with yourself and even tweak them once in the program. It could be the thing standing between you and the perfect tattoo.


It is likely that you already have this handy app. For many, it is a favorite way to sent short, self-destructing messages. However, for others, the augmented reality gives it the real appeal. The lenses transform your face in real time and the filters give you something to experiment with until you become bored. Not to mention it is the perfect way to keep a toddler busy.

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