Download Microsoft Office Lens for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone

Download Microsoft Office Lens for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone 1

Download Microsoft Office Lens for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone: You probably have not heard about an app called Microsoft Office Lens. This is an app that lets you use the camera on your mobile device to scan files. It then converts the scanned file into either a PDF format or a word document or any other office document.

Microsoft Office Lens was first released for Windows phone in 2014. It was then followed by the release of a version for iOS devices and now they have released one for Android devices. Of all of them only the Android version has had a public review. 1.3 million IPhone users have downloaded the application, 3.5 million users who use Windows phones have downloaded the app and finally more than 70,000 Android users had downloaded the preview before the Android version was officially released.

To use the application you must first consider some external factors such as the lighting, steadiness of your hands and the camera lens on your phone. However according to its developers the application can identify the corners of the document you are scanning and it crops it automatically. It then improve the quality of the image and cleans it up. From there it allows you to save the scanned file either on OneNote or on OneDrive meaning you can use any device to retrieve the file. There is a difference in how Office Lens saves images. In Android and Windows devices you can save the file to multiple locations like OneDrive and Office at the same time while in iPhones separate steps are involved.

The following are some of the functions it offers across all the three phone types. The first is like I had already mentioned earlier it converts images of files into Office files or PDF files. You can use the application to capture the image of a business card which the app then uses it to generate a contact which you can then add to your phone’s contact list or store it on OneNote. Through the app you can also share the scanned images with your colleagues and friends through emails. The app also uses Optical Character Recognition meaning you can search for the image that you have saved on OneNote or OneDrive by typing the keywords.


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Office Lens can be used worldwide and by people communicating in almost 30 different languages. This is an app that you can use to make you work easier especially if your work require regular scanning activities.

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