Download Pinterest App Apk Free for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone

Download Pinterest App Apk Free for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone 1

Download Free Pinterest for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone. Pinterest is a free, by invitation only website that offers users the opportunity of creating another way to explore and find content online depending on their interests. To be more specicific, Pinterest focuses primarily on some visual videos and images, rather than podcasts, music, text-based blogs or articles.

How Pinterst App Works

The way Pinterest app works is that you first create categories, popularly known as pinboards, to where you can in turn pin those images you discover online or through other people who are using Pinterest app. With notes, if you attach your images and then link back to the main source from where they are coming from, your actual pasteboards will turn out to be little collections of visually dazzling images. In view of the fact that you can follow other users of Pinterest app users or only the specific boards they create, a layer of social interaction backs the entire site.

You can add content that you discover somewhere else on the Web by making use of the Pinterst bookmark bar button, but pinning content posted by other Pinterest users works great. Depending on the browser you are using at a particular time, the Pinterest site will walk you all the way through the button.


  • Appealing way to explore the Web visually based on interests.
  • Lets you save or share images easily.
  • It is absolutely free.


  • Complicated to navigate at times
  • Google Chrome browser not well supported
  • It is strictly by invitation only
  • Some areas of interest are not adequately supported with content.


Download Pinterest App Apk for iPhone

Download Pinterest App Apk for Android

Download Pinterest App Apk for Windows Phone

Pinterest app offers Internet users an additional way to explore and find visual content. The virtual pinboard concept was previously tried, and the idea was well executed by Pinterest.

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