Top 10 Cleaning Apps for Android

Top 10 Cleaning Apps for Android 1

Download Best 10 Cleaning Apps for Android. These are the Android cleaning applications to improve the performance of your phone.  They will give you superior experience of running the device. Choose the app with the best arrangement of features prudently for your device and free it up from mess.


It helps in removing unwanted items from the phone. It cleans app cache, clipboard content and browser history to relief the device from clutter. It uninstalls unwanted apps easily and free up extra space on the device. It has user-welcoming interface and does not have ads. It cares of internal storing space and RAM of the phone.

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

It is a pace booster, junk file cleaner, battery saver and game booster for Android phones. It is a junk cleaner and antivirus app that copes memory space, battery power and junk files.  It keeps the phone safe from viruses and other contagions.  It helps in improving network and increasing charging promptness.

Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak assists in saving battery, clearing the cache of apps and increasing the speed of the phone. Systweak Android Cleaner improves the device and eradicates junk from it. 1-Tap Device Booster aspect of this app halts background running amenities to release RAM & boost the overall presentation of the device with just a tap.

App Cache Cleaner

It scans junk files and cache taking space in the phone. The user can establish the list in their own manner. It lists apps by either cache size or name. Users can omit any app from the cleaning process. It has 1-tap boost tool to clean up cache instantly.

360 Security Lite

It is Android optimizer, battery saver, antivirus, and speed booster app. It manages background apps, increase battery life, clean junk files, and memory space. It is designed definitely for phones having storage capacity less than 1 GB. It uses 4 MB space in the phone for the installation process. It has bright cloud scan and anti-virus system to secure the phone from viruses.

AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster

It helps in eradicating junk files, saving battery, reducing data usage and managing apps.  It also erases phone call logs, browsing history, large files to speed up the phone. It permits users to set tailored reminders to clean device routinely. It kills needless background apps and control data usage by applications.

Clean Master

It helps in cleaning the history, app cache, and junk files easily which gathers over time. It has a colorful and cooperative interface. It doesn’t lead to battery drainage. It provides services of app anti-virus protector and manager. It has one tap boost tool to remove the junk and speed up the phone.

The Cleaner

It assists in freeing up storage space, speeding up Android, cleaning out junk, and improving mobile game performance for a quicker gaming experience. It offers security of device thru app lock. It has user-friendly interface and consumes less space in the device. The user can use tailored themes and program for automatic cleaning.

Droid Optimizer

It helps in optimizing and cleaning the Android device to advance its presentation. It drains the system, terminates background apps and applications cache automatically. It clears up browsing history and eradicates big files rapidly. It carries out cleaning duty automatically and also upsurges battery life.

Turbo Booster

It helps in speeding up, optimizing and cleaning Android. It assists in freeing up RAM and disk space to delete and manage apps. It has a battery saver for those who want battery saver and speed booster to improve the speed of playing games. It helps in erasing useless apps with its one tap tool.

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