TikTok App Abandons a Huge Chunk of its Underage Fans

TikTok App Abandons a Huge Chunk of its Underage Fans 1

Since its relaunch, the musical app TikTok has been eliciting some positive and some negative feedbacks from the social media audience. The renovated app is indeed bringing some vividness and colorful atmospheres to the social media world. But the number of users who are complaining about the uncontrollable contents of Tik-Tok is rising and many social media experts are demanding the app to have some sort of controls.

As a result of the increasing complaints about the obscene and indecent clips of TikTok, the reinvented app decided to take an action by starting a cleansing process that’ll, reportedly, make the platform more organized and content-friendly. Recently, developers of TikTok started the quite uncalculated process of deleting accounts that belong to users who are under 13 years old; this purging step is supposed to prevent the exposure of any underage girls and boys to obscene and unethical content.

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The cleansing of the TikTok app is carried out in order to protect the children and the underage from any inappropriate posts that are spreading on the musical platform. However, the newest step of deleting TikTok accounts infuriated some users of the app who stated that the deletion of accounts is random and is even targeting accounts that don’t belong to an underage. This recent TikTok protection policy comes as a result of the settlement with the FTC – Federal Trade Commission.

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TikTok has been accused of violating the online privacy protection act of children which imposed on the popular short-videos app to take immediate steps to stop the exposure of children to unethical and inappropriate posts. Consequently, the app demanded the users to reenter their birth dates; and if the user turns out to be under 13 years old – even if the birth date is mistakenly entered – then the account is deleted and the user is not allowed to post anymore.

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Many TikTok users who lost their accounts are furious about the recent cleansing process that’s described as random – and is deleting accounts of many users mistakenly even after they confirmed their age to be over 13 years old! Many users resorted to other social media platforms, such as Twitter, to talk about the deleting of their TikTok accounts. And many of them stated that faulty birth date reconfirmation has also led to the immediate termination of many popular and personal accounts. However, TikTok informed users who lost their accounts by mistake, to supply an ID copy in order to verify age and restore the lost accounts; but this strategy doesn’t seem to be working for all and many TikTok users are still wondering if they lost their accounts for good!

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