Download Spotify App for your Smartphone

Download Spotify App for your Smartphone 1

Music has been an essential part of the human experience for as long as can be remembered. As we as a species have evolved so has our way of consuming music. In the past, it may have been done via CD’s and cassettes but that has changed over time. Nowadays, advancements made in the field have completely reinvented the means of listening to music. Advancements have made music both more accessible and convenient for the average person in the world – making it even more dominant in our culture.

In recent times, there has been an increased shift toward music streaming. Music streaming allows users to stream the music they choose without the need to download it. It has grown more popular over the years as technologies have improved in terms of the ability to stream music and the devices with which the task is performed. The new wave of capability to listen to music has proved profitable for many streaming companies and artists in the form of reimbursements, which was a long-standing fight between the different players in the industry.

One of the major music streaming services in the games has been Spotify. The service boasts millions of song selections and artists across its site. As a platform, it offers individualized playlists and general ones to fit various moods or circumstances. Spotify is compatible with multiple smart devices making it an app that can travel with the user in whatever way they need.

To date, the company has reached a milestone of one-hundred million paid members. This came as an announcement about its quarterly progress. Spotify has consistently demonstrated growth with its premium options and has anticipated that the trend will continue to the end of the year – maybe even further given the right circumstances.

Spotify’s continued resilience has come after successful partnerships with brands like Hulu has proven to intrigue potential subscribers into joining. While the service does offer a free option, the opposing premium comes with more features. These include additions such as ad-free listening and song selection capabilities for mobile.

Spotify has managed to maintain the initial buzz of monetary and logistic growth in the form of new paying subscribers. The company has stated that they expect the trends to continue in a positive favor with possibilities of them reaching over two-hundred million premium users by the start of next year. With ambitions such as this, it is no surprise that the company has displayed a sense of optimism for the future and what it entails.

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