Skype Sports Renewed Calls Muting Feature in 2019

Skype Sports Renewed Calls Muting Feature in 2019 1

The notorious Microsoft messenger Skype has been gaining popularity and attracting more users over the years; and every now and then the messaging app releases a bundle of new and improved features that’ll help to enhance the overall user’s messaging experience.

Recently, Skype decided to update its internal calls muting feature that enables the user to mute his microphone during any call. The new re-imagined mute feature however will grant the Skype customer more abilities through muting the other person of the equation as well! The latest Skype update allows you to mute the other person in singular calls in case of need or when receiving another phone call at the same moment.

Muting one’s own microphone is a popular feature amongst many apps and messengers, but the newest update revealed by Skype takes the feature a step further by allowing one person to mute either his or the other person’s microphone. This brand new improvisation is reportedly some sort of an extra control given by Microsoft to the Skype users; the Skype fan base can mute members in group calls as well which made it more sensible to debut double-muting feature for one-to-one calls.

Many people and experts in the field were surprised by the Skype representation of the muting feature which seems to be quite unnecessary. However, the keen Skype customers are interested in the new update since muting the other person can be beneficial when one receives a sudden phone call so that any noise is silenced and the quality of the call is ensured.

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