Best free Android Apps 2018

Best free Android Apps 2018 1

Best free Android Apps: So you have just purchased your new Android smartphone, or you have received a package of the smartphone as a present. The next step is crack opening the box and peeling off the plastic. You now have a spanking new phone. Despite the fact that this phone is new, there isn’t any much that you will do with it without apps. You will need more apps to enjoy the new feature of smartphones that are currently on the market.

But are you aware that apps come with a price? Don’t worry, I will guide you through this article whereby you will discover some of the best Android Smartphone apps that you can get for free.


With drupe you will easily manage all your messaging apps and their contacts from one app. You will have your communicating applications on the right, whereas your contacts will be on the left. Your tasks will just be dragging contacts and releasing them on your app of choice. Drupe deserves all the praise that comes with it.


With Skype you can easily call and text people across the globe. Skype require internet for you to use it. Despite its release in the year 2003, this app has got plenty of updates in the recent past, such that you can send files, merge it with Facebook, communicate with the video call, and other notable features. The interface of this app is very simple and easy to use.

Google Earth

This app gives you an opportunity to explore the world. It is a world viewing app that is constantly evolving. You will “fly” impressively around cities in street views within seconds and as well you can easily zoom to see the country as a whole. As opposed to the navigation assistant app, Google app gives you an opportunity to explore the world. You can also submit photos that you have taken in different areas and let people enjoy them via this app. The recent upgrades in this app include, abilities to track planes which are on flight as well as a chance to look at hiking places.


With Vine, you are sure that you will enjoy videos in plenty. The rule of this app is that, the lengths of the uploaded videos should be not more than 6 seconds. You will get a chance to interact with your friend whom you share common Vines and as well track the trending Vines.


With Evernote you can easily save notes, files, voice memos, and still gain the ability to access them from your favorite devices like laptop or other smartphones. You will get a chance to take snapshots, set reminders, or even take a step of handwriting your notes. This is actually one of the best Android productivity tool.


This is an android photo sharing community. It has got amazing streams of endless imagery and photography. The recent updates includes the ability to post links, music, videos, GIFs and many more features. You will still be able to follow your favorite celebrities and blogs and get the chance of staying upto date on the current news and fun.

The list of these apps is endless, but other apps that are worth your time include Autodesk Pixlr that is a photo editing app, Greenify App Hibernator, Everypost, Any do Task List & To-Do, Audible for Android, AccuWeather, IFTTT, Inbox by Gmail, Poweramp, Google Fit, Amazon Kindle, VLC, Google Camera, SwiftKey, Nova Launcher, Pocket, Spotify, Facebook, Whatsapp, Facebook Messager, Wikipedia Beta, ES File Explorer, Dropbox, Instagram, Pushbullet, QuickPic, Google Keep, Feedly, Helium, Microsoft Office Mobile, and Falcon Widget (for Twitter).

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