Snapchat Releases Spectacles Version 3

Snapchat Releases Spectacles Version 3 1

Recently, Snapchat started to promote the upcoming release of the third version of the spectacles of the yellow platform that are rumored to make a debut before the year ends. And despite the fact that the first two versions of the Snapchat spectacles didn’t achieve quite the expected success and were mildly welcomed by the audience, the socializing app is still more than persistent to carry on with its line of camera spectacles regardless of the feedbacks.

Snapchat Spectacles

The new Snapchat spectacles version is reported to be an interestingly improved device that’s going to enhance the quality of the product and elicit positive reviews from the Snapchat users. And even though the fan base of the popular Snapchat didn’t quite obsess over the camera spectacles, still there are a fairly large number of Snapchat users that await the release of the third version hoping that it’s designed in such a way that’ll make the spectacles more enticing and worth the money.

Reportedly, the third version of the Snapchat camera spectacles is going to cost around 350$ and is designed to flaunt two renovated cameras; the upcoming Snapchat Messenger product is also going to sport an aluminum frame and a decently chic outer design. The two cameras implemented within the third version will enable the user to create some augmented reality effects and features once the spectacles is connected to the yellow app.

Yet, a huge portion of work still lays on the shoulder of the user as the Snapchat spectacles will only capture the moment with no helping to apply the augmented reality effects and filters; applying the augmented reality effects is the job of the user who has to resort to the Snapchat app in order to utilize and depoly the AR lenses and create 3D shots from the moments captured by the Snapchat specs.

Snapchat Messenger Products

Many users have, in fact, been expecting the Snapchat specs to be more of a wholesome product that presents and carries out multiple tasks; yet it appears that the Snapchat app is indispensable as the spectacles are only there for capturing the moments that are turned augmented with the assistance of the yellow app. All in all, many customers are hoping that the new Snapchat product is going to bring any new flavour to creating augmented reality experiences for the previous two editions weren’t quite acceptable as an every day devices; plus, many have hinted that the price of the specs isn’t appropriate for all types of customers and as the majority of the users of Snapchat consists of teenagers and young adults, 350$ seems to be very far away from their financial capabilities and quite incompatible with their technological priorities.

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