Features of the New iPhone X

Features of the New iPhone X 1

The brand new Apple iPhone X comes with a hefty price tag, reaching four digits and is shaking up the world of high-end smartphones in ways that have never been seen before. It is yet to be seen whether ot not this will have an effect on the overall sales or if it will set phone makers against one another in an effort to produce the most expensive phone.

The new iPhone X will be available for preorder on October 27th, so customers will have some time to think about whether or not they want to make this purchase. In reality, the iPhone X is only different in a few key areas from the iPhone 8, which is equally as powerful and only starts at $549. Here are some of the differences you will see in the iPhone X.

A Gorgeous Edge-to-Edge Screen

This is by far the most standout feature: the OLED screen that has absolutely no bezel. First hander’s say it’s easily “the most stunning smartphone screen” they have ever seen. The design has been copied from Andriod devices from days past, such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix from last year, and the Samsung Galaxy S8, from April 2017. However, the fact that it is not an original idea has not deterred Apple in the least.

Powerful Front-Facing Camera

The camera on the front of the iPhone X contains all new parts and sensors. There is an infrared camera, a proximity scanner, a flood illuminator, an ambient light sensor, a dot projector and a 7MP camera. Combining all of these gives Apple something called a TrueDepth camera, used for Face ID as well as many new camera tricks.

TrueDepth gives iPhone X the ability to perform aperture reduction, previously from the iPhone 7. The cutting edge photography will be at your fingertips and is a great reason to upgrade to the iPhone X.

The 5.8-Inch Screen

With the addition of an edge-to-edge display, the iPhone X actually gives you a larger screen inside a smaller package. This is at least the case when comparing it with the iPhone 8 Plus which featured a 5.5-inch screen on a device that stood at 6.24 inches. For someone who is into watching movies, playing games or even reading the latest news or a good book on their device, this screen makes the device superior to many others.

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