iPhone X Face ID Is Not Working for Family Purchases

iPhone X Face ID Is Not Working for Family Purchases 1

According to the post on iPhone forum of Apple, users of iPhone X have found that the family purchases would not be authenticated through the Face ID. iPhone X is the 1st mobile phone from the Apple to support the latest Face ID facial recognition technology. It also does not have the Touch ID facility. This forum post also reveals that each request of the family purchase induces its user to enter their Apple ID as well as password.

As we have mentioned that approval requests of the family purchase don’t work with the Face ID on this latest iPhone X. The Family Sharing is another feature that is offered to the users of the Apple devices that want them to get connected to the apps as well as purchasing subscriptions. Ask to Buy is just another feature of the Apple devices. This feature allows the children in a family in order to select to purchase the desired apps which are done with an approval of the ‘family organizer’. The organizer of the family may then select to approve or not to approve the desired purchase from the Apple device.

The iPhone X of Apple has formerly failed to differentiate between mother and son because of the resemblance of the facial features. The Apple has admitted that the chances of the breaking of Face ID security in case of twins, siblings, and children rise below the age of 13. It is turn coincides with the feature of Ask to Buy that turns on by default for the children under the age of 13. There is also a support webpage for the Ask to Buy that does not have any mention of the Face ID.

With iPhone X, the entering of Apple ID credentials is actually necessary before the authentication of the purchases as Apple does not have any solution to this issue so far. The users of the Apple devices also have complained about the Apple that they cannot fix such small problem and thus it forces them to enter the details of the Apple ID details. It is the season of holidays in the United States and purchasing gifts from the Apple is not an easy task as the owners of the device wish it to be.

The security researchers have lately claimed that the Face ID technology of the Apple can also be hacked due to 3D-printed masks.

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