Download Dreamstime App Apk Free for iPhone & Android

Download Dreamstime App Apk Free for iPhone & Android 1

Download Free Dreamstime App for iPhone & Android. The one who likes to take pictures of nature, landscapes, mountains or animals etc, can now earn with these. YES!! Dreamstime has launched a new app “Dreamstime” where anyone can make money by selling the pictures clicked by them. Launched on May 7 2015, Dreamstime provides its high quality images to customers, where customers buy image of their choice and pay for that image.

Now professionals and unprofessional photographer can click pictures and sell them directly with their smart phones. One just needs to download Dreamstime app in their smart phones. Dreamstime is clear and fast app. Dreamstime is a leading photography community in which your uploaded pictures can reach to thousands of community members.

One needs to make an account and log in. Dreamstime provides dual pane view in which one can see the selected light box and search results. From these search results one can add the photo in light box just by tapping and holding the thumbnail. One can also remove images from light box by tapping or holding thumbnail. User can open the filters in their smart phone by pulling down on the results where he can select or deselect the filters.

Dreamstime daily gives free screen wallpaper which changed automatically in smart phones. It provides notification for actual sales. In Dreamstime sale of image can be checked by user and they can also check how much they have earned. Dreamstime also provide statistics for images. It comes with smart search engine where user can search for images as per his choice. One can upload his image and after uploading, he can review his image after 24 hours because Dreamstime usually take 24 hours to upload an image.

Dreamstime provide tags for images, if user want any suitable keywords for his image, he can take the help of Dreamstime.

One main feature of Dreamstime is that, it also organizes competition for exclusive picture. This is a good chance for those who love to click. They can win cash prize which range from $ 300 to $ 100 for first three positions. One can even download his images after selling on Dreamstime.


Download Dreamstime App Apk for iPhone

Download Stock Photos by Dreamstime App Apk for iPhone

Download Dreamstime App Apk for Android

Download Stock Photos by Dreamstime App Apk for Android

Dreamstime is stock of images where user can earn money just by clicking pictures of their interest i.e animal, flowers, nature etc. Anyone can use this app from students to housewives, old retired people to working people. Dreamstime is one of the best opportunity to earn extra money.

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