App perspectives that vary from Western and European Google Play Stores

App perspectives that vary from Western and European Google Play Stores 1

Having lived in an uber fast world, the advent of it not foretelling the iconic app name, UBER, which was to drastically influence how we exchanged services, I took a flight through Europe and landed in south-west Nigeria. The data service used here varies much from western and European networks. As the plane landed and we were allowed to switch on our devices,  my phone got no signal. Instinctively, I looked out and got reliable enough network sim and then it began the “aha” moment of app use perspectives across the Savannah.

Needless to say, the app universe share few commonalities with each other, and as the mobile industry matures, countries across the globe are starting to embrace apps. According to App Annie, in 2014, emerging markets saw a sharp increase in app downloads. App developers are seeing download spikes from regions like Eastern Europe, South America and North Africa, while countries like Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Vietnam have been pinpointed as app markets to watch in the future. We concluded that it was important to divulge the top ranking apps across more markets, so we’ve added 10 more countries to our Google Play Top Charts rankings, including countries like Algeria, Peru and Morocco, so we can offer complete global coverage on iOS and Google Play.

That case in point, app use do seem mutually exclusive in these parts. For example,  an app like snapchat which is getting steady internet play with more Hollywood stars signing up per week, as seen here: <>, is only known by a record of 14 countries in Asia and North Africa.  The Google Play Store shows the app being downloaded thousands of times and even millions but not as much as wechat is in Nigeria or Malaysia. So with this case in point the global ranking of our apps from the play store and iOS can be spread in a scale chart to seem like it is oscillating from most downloaded against countries where it is downloaded.

Invariably so, maybe the entirety of the discussion would be that the perspective for most downloads of an app on the play store or apple App Store, one can access the ranks of top apps per nation here:

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