Reasons Why Apple’s Pre-Installed Iphone Apps Are Hard To Delete

Reasons Why Apple's Pre-Installed Iphone Apps Are Hard To Delete 1

Have you tried to uninstall an app from your iPhone and it failed? What an embarrassment?  Everyone gets annoyed when an app that’s not useful fails to uninstall. It becomes difficult to use the email and social network apps if they jam to function. This problem is common to Apple iPhone and iPads. Many users of these versions have complained about this issue for a while, and it’s the first time that the company management admits the problem.

There is no genuine reason manufacturer deliberately pumps the devices with undeletable apps. Apple devices currently have forced pre-installed apps that cannot be uninstalled even if you do not use them. Some applications are expensive because they consume a lot of airtime and bundles as they update regularly, but they can never be uninstalled or changed. Such apps include the iBook’s, stocks, tips, and podcasts and apple maps. It’s irritating to have such apps when you do not use any of them at any time.

Following the pressure mounted on the CEO, He admitted that they are working a way out to remove the apps. He made a declaration that he had recognized the challenge customers have gone through and that corrective measures are under way.  But, did he mean his words? Let’s wait and see how the manufacturer will do it. It is of no value to having a watch app on your iPhone if have no intention to buy an Apple watch.

Why are the pre-installed apps hard to uninstall? This is the paining question that users of apple products are yearning to know. The CEO of the company put it as a complex issue to try and remove such apps but proposes that the underlying challenge is born by the interaction of the apps. In his opinion, Mr. Cook said that some applications are linked to other useful functions of the device and uninstallation of such apps could compromise the performances of the devices.  An example of siri relying on the weather widget for focusts was raised to justify the significance of the apps. However, Mr. Cook admitted that not all of their apps are as significant as he proposed and that the company is doing all it can to do away with them. However, although the manufacturer intends to make the users happy. There is an involuntary restraint imposed on the user. The user will only be happy if he can install and uninstall any app on the iPhone or iPads.

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