Download Top Christmas Apps for your Smartphone

Download Top Christmas Apps for your Smartphone 1

One of the most simplistic gifts you can give yourself for Christmas is an app made especially for the holiday. Old classics get an overhaul with a fresh new update while some new ones have come out as well. While these are all free, there may be some that have in-app purchases you may want to look out for while you are using them, especially if you give your children access to them while you are not watching.

Elf Yourself may very well be the most popular app on the market right now. Available for both iOS as well as Android, you can upload as many as five faces and then choose from a large array of free themes in which to put your elfie self. These elves, equipped with the faces of your friends and yourself, will dance and display some great moves.

A Call From Santa! Is also available for both iOS and Android and, after you input the information, it will simulate calls and texts to your children from Santa himself. Children will be so amazed to see that Santa not only knows their name, but also knows what their favorite activities, toys, and animals are. You can get this app for free, but a paid subscription gets rid of all the pesky ads.

Pic Collage is a very popular editing app that has been downloaded by nearly 150 million people all over the world. It can be used with any picture and has recently has some Christmas features added, such as stickers, themes and backgrounds, for a festive holiday feel on your favorite shots.

Santa Gets Fit For Christmas is a fun app that seeks to help Santa get fit before Christmas. Not only can you help Santa exercise in the gym, you can personalize specific fitness routines for him as well as choosing a vitamin regimen and a proper diet to help along the way.

Perfect Christmas Dinner is an app that was produced by chef tutors from the Ashburton Cookery School, which is a leading culinary school in the UK. Those who are not exactly the best cooks in the world, but who would like to try most often appreciates it. This app has great features, such as step-by-step video recipes and a shopping list maker to help you remember all the ingredients you will need to cook these new to you dishes.

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