Download 5 Life-saving Smartphone Apps

Download 5 Life-saving Smartphone Apps 1

Download 5 Life-saving Smartphone Apps: Silent Beacon, bSafe,Companion, LifeLine Response and Kitestring.

Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon is an app that’s designed to be used in case of an emergency. The app is available for IOS and Android devices. It uses accurate GPS tracking systems to share your location with your chosen contacts, such as emergency services though a distress message. The distress message can be sent via text mSmartphone Appessage, email, or push notification with the touch of a button during emergency situations.

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bSafe is another great emergency alert app for both iOS AND Android devices. The app will notify a maximum of four selected contacts that are referred to within the app as “guardians”. The app has two versions- free and pay-to-use. The free version allows users to alert their guardians by hitting an SOS button. The pay-to-use version offers real time GPS tracking, safe arrival notifications, history logs, video, and a fake call feature that sets your smartphone to ring at a certain time.

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Companion is a free safety alert app that offers real time GPS tracking. It was created by five students from the University of Michigan to ensure the safety of other students who walked home at night. Companion is similar to other safety apps because it includes a customizable list of contacts who can keep you safe. However, when you start your tracked trip, your “companions” receive a text message that contains a link to a real-time map that shows them your location.

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LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response is a unique distress app. It requires users to simply press and hold their phone screen to activate the app and sends out a call to the LifeLine Response Verification Centre. If the emergency is verified by the center, LifeLine will contact emergency dispatchers and give them your location. LifeLine, unlike the other apps on this list, is not free- it costs $5 a month, but has a free 14 day trial.

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Kitestring is a bit different than the other apps on this list- instead of alerting emergency services when there is an emergency, Kitestring sends you text messages at set intervals to make sure that you’re okay. You report your safety to the app by replying to the text messages. If you don’t respond to the text message, Kitestring will send your emergency contacts a customized text. Kitestring is completely text based and can be used on both smartphones and regular cellphones.

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