Apple Siri being called an embarrassment

Apple Siri being called an embarrassment 1

While it is not new news that Siri is labelled hopeless and embarrassing voice activated digital assistant when she is required to provide basic answers to the questions we ask. Siri is ranking in last when compared to Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Googles Assistant.

Stone temple put up questions to test the ability of Siri as well as Cortana there were 4,492 questions in total. They were only seeking full and complete answers that would give the full answer to the question with no other need for more information.
Unfortunately, Siri ranked last.

There were no outstanding results for the rest of the group either however googles smartphone was the best one answering around 74% correctly. Google assistant and Cortana came in around the 59%. Alexa was very poor coming in at 44% correct answers. Siri however only gave 32.7% correct answers. Stone temple also found out that the reported percentage of questions each assistance attempted to answer Siri only attempted to answer 40.2% of all the questions. So, saying she only attempted to answer a question asked 59.8% of the time. Googles assistant in comparison with Siri attempted to answer the questions 77.2% of the time.

Siri had the lowest percentage of right answers and ranked in with a score of 80% of the questions she tried to ask with google assistance getting 95.2 of the questions it has answered right.
Siri had poor performance even considering how long these assistants have been on the market. Siri appeared on the 2010 iPhones as a third-party app. Apple then brought t it and launched it in 2011 as part of the iOS. Cortana and Alexa both were launched in 2014. Google assistant came in 2016. Siri has been around the longest yet its ability to answer questions fell so far behind the others.

When you combine Siri’s performance with apple and the time they have had to improve Siri, and nothing has changed seems to make people thing Siri is just a huge fail. John Giannandrea who was the head of googles Al and search left and joined apple to try and make Siri better. Siri is bad there could improve it with just a few tweaks and niggles. Only time will tell if John Giannandrea can bring Siri up to the level it should be right or whether Siri will just remain a failure.

Written by Editorial Staff

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