The Necessity of a Strong Mobile Presence for You and your Tech Startup

The Necessity of a Strong Mobile Presence for You and your Tech Startup 1

The Necessity of a Strong Mobile Presence for You and your Tech Startup in the Business Climate of Today: More than 90 percent of people in the United Kingdom own a Smartphone and spend almost 2 hours browsing online each day. Businesses are breaking news that shows on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to competing with other brands for attention.

Recent studies have found that our attention span is rapidly decreasing, attaining an unprecedented low of only 8 seconds in 2016. Traditional marketing approaches are becoming outdated in this battle for impressions, shares and likes.

The implementation of a mobile tactic is vital to future success, offering a tool for getting to customers on an extremely personalized basis. Technology and data are commodities in more than enough supply in 2016.

Consequently, how can businesses create a brand identity in this already jam-packed space?

Mobile as a platform

Having a mobile strategy developed in isolation from the core brand is not good. Being concise and useful should be at the top of your agenda, when the attention span of the browser is so brief and the space so jam-packed.

What can you proffer that no other person can offer? Why should the customer decide to return to your Twitter page, website or content, rather than others? The solution is answering these questions. However, the simplicity and pace at which a user interrelates with your brand through their mobile must be a solitary conversation across all channels.

Encourage Engagement

The consumer must feel as if they are buying just a small portion of the larger picture every time they return to your website in the business world of today. This entails a cautiously made online presence; from the creative content you share to the people you decide to represent your brand.

Making use of technology to interact with the real world on a private level has never been more popular from the worldwide success of SnapChat and the latest Pokémon GO phenomenon. On the other hand, the power of the Smartphone lays in bridging the physical and digital.

Build an Array of Influencers

In order to understand their audience, businesses should make adequate use of the power of the technology at their disposal. Make use of this insight to better involve and include your customers. Search for the community of ambassadors who identify with your brand and all it represents.

This is an assemblage that will enthusiastically share videos, photos and campaign on your behalf, making it imperative to take advantage of this collective power. This will go a long way in doing much more for your business than your marketing team may perhaps ever do on its own.

Do more than Provide Service with a Smile

Chat-bots are becoming more popular because they seamlessly bridge the two worlds, giving the personalized reply to queries quicker and more effectively unlike a human service. In addition, they suggest into the future, where mechanized services get better rather than puzzle the customer experience.

The customer remains the king, regardless the nature of your business. A sure way of building online support is to invest in user-centric technology and customer service. As a result of technological advancement, the shift to mobile is a must for all businesses that really want to succeed. Consequently, any business that has not started the process of adoption of strong mobile will fail.

Written by Editorial Staff

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