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Download Whatsapp Apk app for Android, Blackberry, PC, Windows, Nokia Asha, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Fire Phone, Firefox OS, Mac, Linux. The next feature I will discuss is that you have the ability to lock your WhatsApp to prevent someone from accessing it in case they get their hands on your phone. In order to avoid this, there are apps that you can install on your phone to enable you lock your WhatsApp. They include Locx and AppLock. Either of these apps can lock your WhatsApp application such that for someone to access it, one requires to know the password.

WhatsApp also has a feature to hide the blue ticks that normally appear to show that a message has been read. So if you want to ignore someone for reasons like they are bothering you while you try to get some work done, then you can use this feature.

To access it simply follow the following steps: WhatsApp settings->Account->Privacy and from there uncheck the “Read receipts” and you are good to go.

At one point or the other we have all sent pictures or received them through WhatsApp. After downloading this pictures are stored either in the phone’s internal storage or on the microSD card. We do not always have our phone with us and sometime we give them to other people to use and we may not want them to access these pictures. There are several apps that can help us do this and they include Cabinet Beta and Es File Manager. Install either of the above apps then go to the WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images directory, then create a new file and name it “nomedia” and save it. When you have done all that, store the WhatsApp images you want to hide there and they will no longer be displayed on the Photos/Gallery application.

There are few tips you did not know before and I hope they really help you have a better chatting experience.

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