Do you want to download Facebook Messenger? Stop! Read this!

Do you want to download Facebook Messenger? Stop! Read this! 1

Recently, the CEO of Facebook stated that the future of the very viral Facebook messenger is going to be fully focused on privacy and data protection features that are going to regain the trust of millions of users around the world.

Despite the fact that the latest news assure that Facebook is heading towards a more privacy-focused status in the future, many people find the statement of the CEO of Facebook to be ironic and unbelievable; til date, Facebook and its messengers – the original and the Lite versions – are continuously under attack for the rising allegations that the blue app is breaching the user’s online privacy and is collecting private data and sharing them with other parties with no legal consent.

And to make things worse, a recent bug appeared in the Facebook messenger that might be facilitating the process of hacking into the private conversations and chats of any Facebook user. The messenger bug is apparently a major flaw that could be used by online hackers and cyber attackers to reveal who are the parties involved in the conversations of the Facebook user.

A Facebook Bug Can Unleash Your Private Conversations

The Facebook messenger bug was detected by a cyber-security company that found out that the popular chatting app is suffering from a serious vulnerability that reveals to intruders who the user had conversed with. The security bug, however, doesn’t help to reveal the content of the messages sent over the Facebook messenger; yet, the fact that this major flaw can help hackers identify the profiles of people you chatted with is pretty dangerously serious, and can definitely cause privacy-related damages.

This recent vulnerability in the popular Facebook messenger can also help to further discredit the instant-messaging app that has been trying so hard to redeem its reputation after the continuous allegations of breaching users’ privacy and spying on them.

Privacy Bug

Facebook stated that the privacy bug has already been fixed and no private content or information about any Facebook user is capable of being breached by hackers at the moment. The recent privacy issue, however, seems to be caused not only by the mechanisms of Facebook itself, but also by the mechanisms of web browsers. The ways in which the content is handled by some browsers can help in creating a privacy bug that can be embedded, for example, in the Facebook messengers.

Officials at the Facebook company urged developers of web browsers to work hard-in-hand in order to prevent any type of private data breaching. After the blue app declared its decision to move towards a fully encrypted messaging platform in the future, it’s now more important than ever to immune Facebook and its messengers against any sort of privacy vulnerabilities or compromises.

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