Do we still Need an App Drawer?

Do we still Need an App Drawer? 1

The LG Company introduced the LG G5 at the MWC this year. The G5 flagship device has got very many whistles and bells, encompassing some whistles and bells that you can purchase separately. LG left nothing out with its specification to make a tech geek dream, extra ‘friends’, and a removable battery. The app drawer was among the ‘little things’ that was left out. In fact, the LG G5 doesn’t come with an app drawer in the package. It isn’t there by default, but you can optionally re-enable it.

In any case, new applications will get dumped onto the home screen. This is along with your other widgets and shortcuts. Not by far, the LG Company isn’t the first to do this. More so the Chinese Phones, other manufactures have famously (infamously for some) chosen to abandon the app drawer. This is in the favor of the home screen approach. Let us give a look on whether this is the right move to make.


On one point of view, the app drawer is a very convenient thing to have. This is the location where all your app go, and a place where you can access them easily. It has become (the app drawer) a staple for android for as long as I can remember. Many times that often, iOS has been mocked since it lacks the app drawer. For years and years, it has been a reliable functionality of the Android OS. Its usefulness is the reason as to why it has been present for very many years.

Despite the fact that most users stock their default apps on the home screen, a time comes when they need to find other apps for some different services. At such times, the app drawer is always their destination where they can access their app of choice. You will need to look in the app drawer to get an app that you don’t use often. You can organize it alphabetically. Your device will need a section where you can access all the apps with ease.

What Should You Consider?

In any case. It doesn’t make any sense to have two places in a single device where you can access all your applications. Your home screen will hold all the apps with much ease. It will just be a complication to have two distinct places where you can access your apps. Furthermore, some applications can be launched by just tapping on the widgets, adding up to three places.

Therefore, if you are looking for ease of accessing your apps, you can consider the devices with the app drawer. In any case, if you are looking for less clustered device, then you can rule out devices with the app drawer. Non-app drawer device will allow you to organize your device in the best way.

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