OnePlus X and OnePlus 2 Mini Specs

OnePlus X and OnePlus 2 Mini Specs 1

Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder has confirmed that a brand new OnePlus device is on its way coming, most probably this year. The OnePlus 2 mini, or, OnePlus X is expected to be cheaper, a smaller phone than the OnePlus 2, and it could launch as early as October.

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 Mini Release Date

Pei said that they were so determined and that OnePlus is currently working on a new device. He anticipated that this device will be available before the end of the year. He also added that they are looking forward for Christmas since it will serve as the best time for release. Gizmo china’s report suggests that the OnePlus X will arrive in October, packing a Snapdragon 801 processor like the original OnePlus One.

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 Mini Price

Gizmo china suggested that OnePlus X could go for US $249. If that is anything to go with then there is a suspicion that the OnePlus X price will not be more than US $300: With OnePlus 2 having been released, it only makes sense for OnePlus to offer a mid-range phone to enable it to meet all price points, much as Motorola does with its E, X and G lines. In case new device offers something slightly better for the same price then OnePlus One will likely be discontinued.

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 Mini Specs

Details from suggest that the OnePlus X specs will take the following look:

  • Around US $250
  • 5-inch 2.5D 1080p display
  • 2 GB of LPDDR3 RAM 933 MHz operating in dual-channel
  • MediaTek Helio X10 MT6795T SoC
  • 5 MP wide angle front camera
  • 32 GB eNNC 5.0 storage, expandable via microSDXC
  • ~3,000 mAh battery
  • 13 MP Sony IMX258 rear camera
  • USB Type-C
  • 2 W front-facing speaker
  • NFC
  • Wi-Fi

It is worth noting that the screen will be covered in 2.5 D Gorilla Glass 3 or 4 and will be protected by an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. Apparently the device will not have a dual-camera setup as was previously suggested. However, the rear camera will have an f/2.0 aperture, 4K, a dual-tone LED flash, and 30 fps video recording capabilities. The front-facing camera has the like hood of having 1080p video recording capabilities.

Beware that these specs are believed to come from a prototype that is already several months old. It is recommendable to remain skeptical.

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 Mini Design

A first ever appearance of the OnePlus 2 was online, from a Chinese website

The front side of OnePlus 2 mini / X looks similar to previous devices in the OnePlus series:

  • Black,
  • Angular handset, with what looks like a metal rim.
  • The front setup in the render above lacks a number of details such as the display and camera.

The back of the device appears to be made of:

  • Dual-camera setup with dual-LED flash.
  • Plastic/rubber.
  • A rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.
  • A bottom-mounted speaker grill and USB Type-C port.

It is worth noting there is no certainty that these renders are 100 percent accurate. Although it’s very possible that the final version could have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

The cameras also look strangely close to the top-edge of the handset and there are some contradictions between the two renders: the edges appear to be metal in the front render and plastic in the back, and, if there are two speakers on the front of the device (as the front render suggests), a bottom-mounted speaker (as shown in the back render) may not be necessary.

OnePlus X / OnePlus 2 Mini Features

The OnePlus 2 mini is less likely to feature the new whiz-bang features of the OnePlus 2. It will be running the new Oxygen OS though.

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