Entering the World of Basics of Pokemon GO

Entering the World of Basics of Pokemon GO 1

Pokemon Go is a reality-based mobile gaming app developed by Niantic. This app released in the running year 2016 is compatible with both iOS and Android-operated devices. This game is being loved by people from different age groups. Here, Virtual creatures or we say Pokemon are trained, captured, and given training for systemized winning when playing in the battle field. The animation effects give an amazing experience of playing in the real world using GPS technology and the camera of the device on which the game is being played on.

This game is completely free-to-play, but require some in-app purchases if you want to buy some extra items in order to enhance the gaming functionalities.

The developers are planning to introduce an option of Bluetooth wearable device that can connect your Pokémon Go Plus, to the nearby users as well.

Pokémon Go app has received mixed reviews after its release date of July 16, 2016. Most of the Reviewers loved the game and experienced a completely new gaming experience with this all-new game. Its launch came with an incentive of adventuring the real world but there were certain technical issues that were seen at the time of launch itself.

The two common issues faced by this app were:

  • Frequent crashes
  • Issues related to the server

Apart from these flaws, the game quickly gained popularity and became one of the favorite games of the smart device users. This app surpassed the records set by Candy Crush Saga in the US and created a boon in the stock market. The Pokémon Company and Nintendo developer were no longer an unknown name. This game was realistic and praised by some of the medical professionals as well because the game played a significant role in improving the physical as well as the mental health of person playing it. But suddenly some reports of accidents due to constant playing while driving resulted in a public nuisance at some of the prominent locations.

Once the player has logged for the very first time, he or she can create their avatar with an option for choosing the gender, skin, hair and eyes color with a limited option to choose the right outfits according to your personality. Once this avatar is created, the same will be visible on your current location along with the map containing the present surroundings of the player.

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