5 Great Apps you can Back on Kickstarter

5 Great Apps you can Back on Kickstarter 1

New applications launch every week. Some are fantastic and change the way we use our Smartphones and Tablets, others not so much. Since the birth of Kickstarter, we have seen many great ideas created. They’re funded by the public and can go on to become hugely successful. I’ve sifted through the applications looking to do just that and picked out 5 I think deserve backing.

Without further ado, here are 5 great apps you can back on Kickstarter.

Apocalypse Survival Training

Created by Adele Kirby a self-certified geek, this application combines fitness and an interactive adventure in the style of a radio play series – the idea is to make fitness fun. The story is set in London; however, it can be used anywhere. The user is part of a dysfunctional group of post-apocalyptic survivors who band together to try and halt the alien invasion. The application uses GPS to track the user’s movements to guide them through the narrative workout.  It’s available on iOS and Android and only requires headphones to be used. This could be a great app for anyone who wants to make the process of getting fit a fun and engaging experience.


The application that lets you know which beer would suit your mood best. All Beer uses a unique beer flavour database developed by Alex Barlow – the creator of the project. The Kickstarter page is filled with all manner of graphs and charts which showcase how Alex has identified and developed the database and he even has approval from the American Society of Brewing Chemists. The application is set to launch on Android, providing the funding goals are reached. You can currently get a sneak peek at the service at allbeerfinder.com, so if you want to know which beer is best for when you’re feeling down, Alex can help you.

Scenarex Bookchain™

So this suggestion is not strictly an app as previous features. It is, however, a fantastic and immersive eBook set in a fantasy medieval world. The user is immersed in an interactive story and will have to make choices along the way. There are currently 3 stories available for the experience and each with a different author. Available on iOS and Android, one of the unique points about the app is the ability for users to resell the stories after you have read them. Basically, if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, this one’s for you.

The Disaster Prediction App

The name says it all. The application can send notifications of high-risk threats like earthquakes & storms. The creator, Ben Davidson is the founder of the Mobile Observatory Project and with the help of Dr Kongpop U-yen, they have created a ground-breaking application. The application aims to pull data in from an automated website and then send alerts to users notifying things like storms that may affect electrical grids or telecommunications. I think you’d agree anything that saves lives is worth backing.

Geo AR Games

An application from New Zealand and created by Mel Langlotz, it aims to ‘get kids off the couch and active outside’ Geo AR uses augmented reality to create mobile outdoor games for children. The first game to be showcased for the app is called “Sharks in the Park” in which you have to collect schools of fish by navigating towards them, whilst avoiding the Sharks, which also scare the fish away. This is a great app to get kids out and active and would be worth any parent with that issue backing. Check out their Kickstarter and see some of the fun videos for yourself.

There we have it, a list of 5 great apps with varying functions. Pay them a visit on Kickstarter and see for yourself, perhaps you will even find yourself pledging your support.

Written by Editorial Staff

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