Reasons to Download Paid Mobile Apps

Reasons to Download Paid Mobile Apps 1

6 Reasons to Download Paid Mobile Apps as Alternative to Free Ones. A somewhat extra fraction of those who use iOS tend to choose paid apps, even as more Android users are predisposed towards downloading apps that are free. There are many users who prefer going for paid variants, despite the fact that free apps are preferable by many for palpable savings.

Read as why you need to download paid apps instead of free ones before you begin to judge the latter group.

Increase in Loyal Users and Revenue for Developers

Both the end users and developers get additional benefits with paid apps. These even work for developers in both ways. By and large, a bunch of devoted loyal users gained over time by developers are users who prefer downloading paid apps. The revenue for app developers increases as the number of paid users grows.

Additional Features

Paid applications come with additional features and free from advertisements unlike their free versions. Users get access to unlocked features because they are paying for these apps. For example, the paid version of AVG Antivirus app offers more security features, which you cannot get in the free version.

Consumes Less Data  

You can save some of your data allowance with paid apps. This is in view of the fact that it is related to ads alone. When you mistakenly click on it, you get a full-fledged 10 or 30 seconds video advert. You even have to go through the whole advert each time you access a particular option at times. Video advertisements don’t allow users to avoid them unless they have been completely downloaded and also take time to download.

Free from Ads

The fact that paid apps are free from any kind of unnecessary advertisement is one of the major reasons users download paid apps. You can notice ads generally, see full-screen and banner ads popping out randomly, even as you edit images, edit some vital documents or play a game on the go. Clicking on these ads by mistake, believing that they are close to the course-plotting switches is actually frustrating. Paid apps don’t have this problem.

Less Interruption

Another let down of free applications is interruption or distraction. Users continue to get in-app pop-ups for advertisements and also for upgrading to paid versions. On the other hand, these type of notifications bug users even if the app is exited.

Regular Updates

Another reason for choosing paid apps instead of free apps is regular updates. There are periodic updates for paid apps that make them more steady. In addition, they obtain the updates before the free options.

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